The Yoyo Casino creates comfortable and safer casino games to its customers. This game is only available on selected countries around the world. Playing in Yoyo casino, you can guarantee big winnings and fun playing the games for free or with fee.


What are unique features offered at Yoyo Casino?

yoyo casino

The Yoyo Casino has several features including the virtual players, progressive jackpots, free slots, deposit bonuses, and withdrawal options. Apart from these, they also have the feature called Yoyo Live which allows non-customers to gamble with virtual players. In effect, anyone with a Facebook account can play here. This is one of the many reasons why it is a popular casino in Bogor.

There are a couple of different kinds of bonuses offered at Yoyo Casinos. The first is the “50 Free Spins” bonus which I am going to describe briefly. Here, players get a code for a free spin whenever they play at the casino. When they win, they get the code along with a red envelope; hence, the term “free spins.”


How to cash out free spins?

To be able to cash out these free spins, patrons need to be logged on to the website. Once there, they can either use their credit card or other payment methods. Once a code is used, the operator will then transfer the winnings to the patron’s account. It is important to note that video poker was not added to the Yoyo Casino because it requires substantial technological infrastructure.

Another unique feature is the “Welcome Bonus” offered by Yoyo Casinos. Players need to deposit to be able to wager with virtual players. For this, they would be given a certain percentage point of plays (i.e. five percent) off of each deposit made into their account. This is an attractive proposition to those who would rather gamble with virtual players as they get the chance to win much lesser than traditional slots.

Like most casinos, the Yoyocasino offers two kinds of payment solutions. The first is the conventional check-out process where a person simply swipes his credit card through a reader at the front desk. The second is a more innovative and interesting means of payment through which a player can deposit money into his virtual casino account using one of the many payment solutions provided by Yoyo: credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, and others.


The Yoyo Casino is a valuable addition to the online casinos

Although the interface may not be as refined as other types of online casinos, the games are exciting and the bonuses and promotions are quite interesting. The operator has a good website that details all the features of the Yoyo as well as information about how to play the various games. In short, the Yoyo is a nice casino that provides its patrons with a range of gaming options although it lacks some of the technological innovations that other online casinos offer.

The Yoyo offers a standard range of games including bingo, blackjack, roulette, keno, card games, and the likes. The casino also features several unique bonus and promotion schemes, some of which are exclusive to the Yoyo. Also, there are some interesting deposit bonuses offered to new players. For example, the player who deposits ten dollars or more can get two free spins on a blackjack slot machine, or he can acquire a bonus worth ten percent of his initial deposit on his first deposit on roulette.


The casino offers a wide variety of casino games

Although the casino offers a wide variety of casino games, it does tend to limit the number of patrons that can play the system in real life. This might be seen as a disadvantage, since players might be restricted to certain software programs and limits on withdrawal options. Another disadvantage is that the maximum bonus per person is only fifty dollars. Nevertheless, the Yoyocasino has attracted several patrons despite this limitation. For these individuals, the casino provides an opportunity to practice their skills and win some money.

Despite its limitations, the Yoyo Casinos has nevertheless managed to attract several patrons because of the exciting promotions it regularly comes up with. The best example of this promotion is the “weekly crazy jackpot games” which have been set up in a rotating manner. Although casino owners state that the system cannot be compared with the jackpot games at the real casinos, many critics believe otherwise since the limits on the slots provide a welcome change from the usual limits on slots and other video poker systems.

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