Yebo Casino (flash and their download client together) are operated by RTG, a reputable online casino software maker. Quick payouts, great bonus codes, and a range of extra-creditable features available as a basic currency.

A range of special offers, promotions, and freebies are not available to users outside of South Africa. Less number of tables and fewer games are available in this slot machine variety than in most other casinos.


Yebo Casino provides its clients with a host of exclusive offers and bonuses

yebo casino

The downloadable client has a number of exclusive bonuses including free spins on all the slot machines, game reels, bonus icons for every jackpot win and much more. All these are provided as part of the inclusions of the “standard” download client for use in the web casino. This download client can be used to play both in the Yebo itself and from any of the 200+ online casinos situated across the world.

Some players may wish to take a more in-depth look at the games and bonuses on offer before deciding on this casino. A quick search on Google will display a comprehensive review of the whole range of offerings available at this site. As African casinos are few and far between it is hardly surprising that few reviews are available for players to peruse.

The software upgrade gave the casino a major boost in both performance and value for money. For the first time since its release, the south African players could also take advantage of a no deposit bonus! With such a huge increase in value and exciting bonus, the slot machine game has become the biggest income earner for the Yebo Casino.

In addition to the no deposit bonus, the casino offered an increase in the daily rentals which essentially means that players would be able to withdraw cash from their accounts without depositing any money. An exciting feature that was added onto the game for the benefit of players was the welcome bonus.

This basically meant that all players starting out with the Yebo would receive a free spin on a slot machine, thus creating more money for the owners. The owners themselves received a bonus of two VIP bonuses for this!


Yebo has been playing host for a long time with the gaming community

The games offered at the Yebo Casino are originally from Curacao but are designed to appeal to the larger gaming community here. An interesting development with Yebo is that they have now started offering progressive slot machines, which are much more difficult to beat.

These progressive slots are the main draws to the Yebo because of the long time they have been offering these special prizes to their players. The progressive slots also mean that there are now considerably more prizes available for players of all skill levels.

Finally, the Yebo offers a unique way for their players to earn cash without the risk involved with risking money through traditional slots. All of the money won through the downloadable client players is placed into their bank accounts. Withdrawal limits are also applied on all outgoing funds, allowing players to manage their bankroll effectively.


Winning at Yebo Casino can be quite easy if you know what you are doing

With loads of high quality slot tournaments and bonus offers, players stand a good chance of winning some serious cash at this casino. It is important to remember though, that while Yebo Casino offers a great opportunity to win, it is also a place where many dishonest people thrive.

To ensure your safety, you should only play in tournaments offered by reputable casinos. In order to do this, you should look for a reputable online casino with a consistent record of winning, good customer service, and a great interface.

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